Ultimate Checklist Building Online Store
Ultimate Checklist Building Online Store book page
Ultimate Checklist Building Online Store book page
Ultimate Checklist Building Online Store
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Ultimate Checklist to Build Your Dream Store

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Do you want to sell online and not sure where to start? Or perhaps you’re an experienced merchant looking for an extra edge.

Either way, there will be something in this 30-pages-long mega-list that you haven’t yet applied to your own store.

The tasks can be reordered, or removed, depending on whether you see your store as a hobby or as a business.

Not everything is required, but if you’ve run out of ideas or you just don’t know how to get started then this list could be the trigger that helps you win the race.

Research and plan your store

Go through the checklist that will help you decide whether eCommerce is the right course for you.

Learn how to do proper research, test your ideas, establish reliable delivery systems, and choose your shopping cart.

Use this resource as a shortcut to save time and resources planning out your entire operation.

Build your store

Building your store is also laid out in great detail in your Ultimate Checklist.

Get help choosing your domain email, store design, shopping cart configuration and get tips about different types of content and analytics for your website.

Save time and money building most of your eCommerce store yourself.

Grow your store

Once build, a store needs to grow to survive. Your Ultimate Checklist contains all the best practices. Grow your store by smart promotion.

Cover all your bases from social media and email marketing, to good, old advertising. Pinpoint the important factors of good customer relations.

Turn your eCommerce store into a money-making machine.

Optimize your store

By now you’ll have a fully functioning eCommerce store and now is the time to optimize it for further growth.

We’ll show you how to build a team, manage their time and knowledge effectively and then add super-tweaks to your store.

This will boost your sales and improve your eCommerce store success.

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