Best Practice Checklist
Best Practice Checklist book page
Best Practice Checklist
Best Practice Checklist book page
Best Practice Checklist

Best Practice Checklist for Your Online Store

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This eBook teaches industry-accepted methods in a systematic approach. You’ll learn which tactics are used by your competitors to create unique selling points.

This is what you’ll find inside this 72 pages long eBook:

Website usability checklist

You will get an extensive checklist of eCommerce store functions and features that have been proven to influence the success of your store.

They have been ranked from the most useful to the least useful by a number of senior executives responsible for eCommerce stores.

Compare your eCommerce store against this checklist and improve it in the most efficient way.

Analysing your checklist results will lay out a straightforward plan to your eCommerce store success.

Extended worksheet templates

It is not enough to be good, but you need to be better than your competition. We offer easy-to-use worksheet templates that will help you analyse and compare your store against the competitors.

Gain the upper hand over them by improving all factors and functions that have been holding you back.

Go down the checklist and see what you can do better than you have done before and what you can do better than the others.

Your competition has a better upsell strategy? See how they do it and step it up a notch.

Extensive glossary of features and functionality

It is all right if you are not 100% sure what all the points in your checklist are.

Your eBook contains an extensive list of thorough and precise explanations for each term and phrase you can find in this checklist and much more.

Learn all the key terms and phrases of eCommerce that will enable you to get better understanding on how things work.

Gain knowledge that leads to better success.

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