Lemonade Stand Binder Stall
Lemonade Stand Binder Stall
Lemonade Stand Binder Stall
Lemonade Stand Binder Stall
Lemonade Stand Binder Stall

Lemonade Stand Binder

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Raise capable little entrepreneurs in the most adorable way possible. Get your kids started with their very first lemonade stand.

Teach them about money matters and how they can earn their own money for a new toy or their sibling’s birthday present.

Inside this creative and educational lemonade stand binder, you will find the following.

Everything a Lemonade Stand Project Needs in One Place

This lovely binder contains an educative introduction that explains the 4Ps of a business project. Teach your children basic entrepreneur skills and explain that there is more to it than just selling lemonade.


Time is of the essence for the Lemonade Stand business. Print out the tiny business calendar for the three summer months. Sit with your kid, plan out the selling days, preparation days and everything in between.

Shopping Checklist

Useful checklist of expenses for both the stand and the lemonade itself. Use it to help your little entrepreneur understand the difference between the investment and return.

The Secret Recipe

Traditional lemonade recipe included, together with the nutrition facts. Change it, improve it or use it as it is to have the best possible product - the tastiest lemonade, ever!

Price Tags

Different price tags for different lemonade cup sizes. Make the lemonade stand look professional and show the neighbourhood that you mean business.

Sales Tracking Record

Easy-to-use sales record for your kid to keep track of their earnings. This is the best and the most obvious way to teach your children about keeping track of their money and even a bit of algebra.

Money Matters

Simple and effective list to break down earnings and expenses. Show your tiny business owner that selling is more than just receiving money. Also, avoid arguments with other helpers about who was paid when and how much.

Weekly Notes

Handy reminders about the weekly obligations and things that can slip one’s mind easily. Use it to help your child understand the importance of planning.

Buntings, Cutouts and Cup Sleeves

The most fun part of the entire show! The printable buntings to decorate the stand, lovely cutouts and even versions that allow your kid to color in themselves! Add the personalized cup sleeves to the cups for a pro look.


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