Ultimate List Of eCommerce Entrepreneur Interviews And Stories

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We all need a bit of inspiration from time to time, and there is no better of getting that than from listening to other people who have been through the same problems, but come out the other site better and stronger than before. So, we've pulled together a collection of podcasts, interviews, videos, and stories from eCommerce Entrepreneurs around the world. The list will grow over time; you are welcome to suggest your favorites.

How To Manufacture Your Product Idea (Even If You’re Starting From Scratch)

In this episode Mike DiMartini tells the story of how he's successfully launched 2 x KickStarter campaigns, manufactured his products from scratch and now runs a profitable Shopify store full time.

How To Start An eCommerce Store On A Shoestring Budget

In this episode Shabbir Nooruddin of BootstrappingEcommerce.com reveals the steps he takes to validate his niche and then launch a store without having to dip into his savings.

How Uncovering An Undiscovered Niche Catapulted Drones Etc. to $600K/month

This one isn't purely actionable, but is the most successful guest Felix has had on his show and has a great story. In this episode Shawn Rowland tells the story of how he and his partner found the niche sweet spot where there's lots of demand, but not enough supply and went from being in debt to selling $600K of products and services a month and winning the Shopify Build-a-Business competition.

How Jordan Gal Built A Profitable eCommerce Site

Absolutely do yourself a favour and check out this interview between Jordan and Andrew. Jordan reveals many of the methods which guided his success, particularly in terms of customer service policies and processes.

How Eric Bandholz Quit His Job, Grew A Beard, And Built His eCommerce Lifestyle

Unfortunately Andrew doesn't extract the detail from Eric about EXACTLY how he grew his audience. It is a quick mention related to just reaching out to people in the community. But the main point to absorb is that by being passionately involved with a community will bring rewards such as visitors to your store.

Use Pinterest To Drive Customers To Your Store

In this episode, Andrew discusses the pros and cons of using Pinterest for your store with Nate Ginsburg. You'll hear a few clues from Nate as to how he achieved his success. Take it with a grain of salt however! Not every product is suited to Pinterest. You'll need to work out whether your product is going to be able to leverage Pinterest, or not, before you dive in.

Creating A Killer Content Team To Write Product Descriptions

Just about everyone struggles to create compelling, useful and highly-converting product descriptions. In this podcast with Andrew Youderian you will learn from Gretchen about how she has put together a team of content writers, keeps them on track and why you should focus on getting your product descriptions finished.

Effective Outsourcing Strategies With Katrina McKinnon

The interview that started it all ... Small Revolution was built as a result of this interview as there was so much interest and demand around the outsourcing strategies and processes that Katrina had developed over the years. Still very popular.