Ultimate A-to-Z Checklist Of eCommerce Carts

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Deciding on pursuing an online store takes you to a step in choosing an eCommerce cart that is suitable for your business. Whether you already have an existing physical store or a website, using an eCommerce cart for your eCommerce store is a must.

Before taking the big step on using an eCommerce cart for your store, start with a list of them with thorough study and comparison as to which provides the best features and innovations suited for the type of product you are selling. Also make sure that it is future-proof, that means it has innovations and development for future changes, advancements and challenges.

So which exact eCommerce cart should you use for your store?

There are a lot of eCommerce carts available on the Internet with different features and highlights. Here is an A to Z  list of eCommerce carts with their short descriptions. You can check and select which one best suits your needs.

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1ShoppingCart – Aims to build a secure and powerful online stores that store owners can promote and grow.

2Checkout – Promotes receiving of payment from anywhere in the world.

3DCart – Provides an all-in-one eCommerce solution with built-in tools for email marketing, customer service and more.


AbanteCart – A free shopping cart solution that has easy to use features and interface to help store owners to set up and run their online stores smoothly.

AbleCommerce – Provides the best eCommerce software with feature-rich, easy to customize and easy to use solutions.

Actinic – UK-based solution that offers incredible set of features and efficient eCommerce solutions.

AgoraCart – An eCommerce platform that has a customisable and flexible templates to respond to evolving eCommerce demands.

AirSquare – An affordable and easy to use eCommerce platform for small businesses.

Akeeba – Builds eCommerce software using an open source PHP for back up and security.

Allprowebtools – Also an all-in-on eCommerce solution that targets small businesses.

Amazon Webstore – Lets you build and customize an eCommerce site using your own domain, backed by Amazon’s expertise and technology.

Amember – A software that set ups membership and subscription payments with fully packed features.

Americommerce – Lets you manage multiple online stores through a pro-graded tools.

Apache OFBiz – An open source enterprise automation software that offers a great deal of functionality that includes advanced eCommerce.

ASecureCart – A shopping cart service that has a rich features including how to sell products and services effectively without requiring any programming knowledge or download any software.

AShop – Offers an automated order and payment processes for tangible and virtual products.

AShop Commerce – Provides a metric-driven eCommerce solution so you can create an easier and more beautiful online store.

ASP.net Storefront – Uses HTML, CSS and Javascript to build great websites and web applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript through a free web framework.

Avactis Shopping Cart – Offers easy, customisable and multilingual features for SEO and sales boosting.

AvettiCommerce – Aims to provide the fastest enterprise through an open source solution.


Batavi – An open source eCommerce with fully functional features.

BigCartel – A simple shopping cart specially created for selling designs, arts, clothing, jewelry, and various other creative items.

Bigcommerce – A very popular eCommerce solution. You can own and run your store easily without requiring you of a credit card.

BigWare – A free web open source (The GNU/GPL) shop system.

BillManager – A hosting billing system that incorporates a system of tickets, alerts, notifications as well as reports about the business activities like registration, order and invoice processing, etc.

Blubolt – A platform that is built for growth that offers features that meet the needs of the most demanding retail environments.

BroadLeaf Commerce – An open source Java eCommerce platform that is based on the Spring Framework.

Build A Bazaar – Building your dreams and your store.


CactuShop – A classic SAP eCommerce cart system with full source code that is lightweight, fast and customisable.

Cart32 – An eCommerce solution that provides all your website needs from web hosting, shopping cart hosting and payment gateways as well as customer service.

Cart66 – A WordPress eCommerce cart system that makes your store a PCI compliant.

CartGenie – Offers an easy to use, flexible and dynamic online storefront solutions that can be used for both store owners or developers.

CheckFront – An online system for bookings and online payments.

CleverBridge – An advanced eCommerce that offers a full-service and endless possibilities.

CMS Account – A PHP based software designed to sell photos online.

Commercev3.com – Provide solutions in building the platform as well as launching, hosting and growing the stores.

Comersus – An eCommerce software solution that adapts to changes and develop innovations and research.

ContentShelf – An eCommerce platform designed for digital downloads.

CoreCommerce – An all-in-one hosted shopping cart that is easy to set up, has no transaction fees and has access to hundreds of features, no matter what plan you choose.

CRE Loaded – A shopping cart system that is fully PCI (Payment Card Industry) security rules compliant.

CS-Cart – An eCommerce software that is rich in features with a set of powerful eCommerce options.

Cubecart – Provides a complete eCommerce shopping cart software solution so you can easily set up a successful and powerful online store to sell digital or tangible items globally.

Curdbee – An online billing and invoicing application that you can use so you don’t need to do any paperworks anymore.

CyberStrong eShop – Provides a hassle-free setup, unlimited free support as well as upgrades.


dashCommerce – A robust and flexible ASP.NET.

Demandware – Promotes movement and growth as it believes that retail is changing.

Dextel.net – Aims to provide all solutions to make your online store successful through competitive eCommerce solutions.

Digital River – Provides an all-around solutions to your eCommerce needs.

DPD – Provides eCommerce services for eBooks and downloads sellers.

Dreamline Studio – Provides Flash templates for eCommerce stores.

Drupal Commerce ‎- An open source content management platform that has empowered millions of websites and applications.

DukaPress – A free open source WordPress eCommerce solution that is very simple to use and quick to set up.


Easy Cart – A very easy eCommerce cart.

Easy Digital Downloads – Provides a simple way to sell digital downloads in WordPress for free.

E-bee – A global platform in eCommerce that stands for Empowering Business, Enabling Engagement.

eCommerce By Instinct – A WordPress eCommerce plugin that includes game creation software.

eC0mmerce Templates – Lets you integrate a shopping cart software into your own eCommerce store with the template at your own choice.

eCrater – Where you can open a 100% free online store.

ECSHOP – A Chinese-based eCommerce solution that aims to help online merchants create and manage their online store.

Ecwid.com – Let’s you sell on your existing website through very easy and simple ways.

EkmPowerShop – Lets you create your beautiful online shop easily without credit cart requirements.

eMerchant – A leading US and Canada provider of merchant services.

Enstore – A free eCommerce platform that let’s you build your store online. Works with Checkout and AccountEdge.

e.pages – Lets you create an online shop in the cloud through your own idea with the help of their eCommerce technology and innovations.

e-junkie – Provides shopping cart specifically designed to sell downloads and tangible items on your website, blog or social media sites.


Fat Free Cart – Created by E-junkie.com team as a WordPress eCommerce plugin.

Flying Cart – A fast and easy way to set up an online store with marketing tools and airtight SEO.

Fortune3 – An all-in-one solution that lets you sell more, offers great features and unlimited possibilities.

FoxyCart – Designed for developers, merchants as well as shoppers to create a superior eCommerce experience.

Freewebstore – Provides an option for you to create a free eCommerce store with extensive options to customize your store.


Gambio – A flexible online shop software.

GetShopped – An eCommerce shopping cart plugin for WordPress.

Goecart – Provides one solution to multiple channels with unlimited possibilities.

GoEmerchant – Provides solutions to payment processing, POS and online selling.

Goodsie – An innovative eCommerce software with style that let’s you create a professional commerce presence even without technical knowledge, as easy as dragging and dropping.


Hotcakescommerce – Provides exceptional merchant experience.

Hybris – An SAP company that provides solutions and software for eCommerce, master data/order management and multi-channel commerce.


IBM WebSphere Commerce – Allows you to deliver an omni-channel shopping experience while promoting your brand across digital and physical channels.

InfusionSoft – Marketing and sales solutions for small online businesses.

InstanteStore – Visualizes an online store that is build once but will be instantly available in 3 different places.

Intershop – An experience-driven commerce inspired by tomorrow.

Intuit GoPayment – Provides solutions for mobile payments for easy payments anytime anywhere.


J2Store – Lets you create beautiful online stores for free using powerful features of Joomla shopping cart.

Jadasite – Provides eCommerce solutions that features a one-page checkout and more payment gateways support.

Jimdo – Offers a free version that features beautiful layouts for your online store.

Jooy – Turn your dream into a business through simple and uncomplicated tools.

Jumpseller – Provides simple and easy tools in creating your own online store that requires no technical knowledge in creating or managing the online business.


Kalio – Lets you convert ideas into revenue in a flash. It has an intelligent and configurable eCommerce platform.

Kartris – A free open source ASP.net eCommerce cart solution that you can use to build customised online stores.

King Cart – An eCommerce shopping cart that offers low cost for a quality software that charges per transaction.

Konakart – A free community edition solution that uses Enterprise Java eCommerce.


LemonStand – Gives you control over your eCommerce store so you can sell more products, with a lot of customisable and advanced features.

LightCMS – Provides all you need to create an online store and run it that features an integrated eCommerce functions.

LiteCommerce – Integrates a shopping cart and a Content Management System (CMS).

LiveCart – A free eCommerce cart that lets you tweak store page designs easily with its innovative features and advantages.

Loaded Commerce – An eCommerce platform that is free to use for businesses through an open source software.


Magento – Power your business with the most flexible enterprise-class eCommerce platform.

Mal’s eCommerce – Provides a simple buy now button beside your product on your website.

MarketLive – Has a customer-driven commerce that aims to revolutionize the customer experience.

Marketecture – Provides a simple solutions for building a business online.

Martjack – A digital commerce platform in India that aims to increase your reach and sales by many folds.

Miiduu – A free, customisable eCommerce solution to create multilingual online stores.

Miva Merchant – Provides an easy way to start your web store that is architected for growth.

Modular Merchants – Offers a complete shopping cart solution for products that requires shipping, downloading or recurring bill services.

Moltin – Provides an incredible API for developers and a powerful & flexible building blocks.

Moonfruit – Lets you pick a design and build your website that provides everything you need in setting up the shop.

Mozu – Focuses in providing you a limitless and innovative eCommerce solutions for the modern interprise.

MShopper – A mobile platform to with mobile marketing options.


Neto – An increadibly powerful and customisable eCommerce software designed for retailers, wholesalers, & eBay power sellers.

Netsuite SuiteCommerce – Enables you to seamlessly connect every step of a multi-channel, multi-location business to one integrated eCommerce solution.

Network Solutions – Offers an online store creation through a simple and flexible eCommerce solution.

NopCommerce – Provides a solution with comprehensive features that can be easily used by new online businesses, yet powerful enough for the experts.


OpenCart – A powerful open source shopping cart system that is designed to feature rich, user-friendly and visually appealing interface.

Oracle ATG Web Commerce – Aims to deliver optimized and personalized experiences with battle-tested scale and performance.

Oscommerce – Takes a personal touch on your store, not just business.

osCmax – A shopping cart web application that has all powerful features and customisation to make your online store successful.

OXID eSales – Offers a smart and innovative eCommerce solutions where it integrates touchpoints like webshop, mobile and point of sale.

OzCart – An eCommerce shopping cart for Australian businesses.


PDShop – An ASP.net shopping cart that provides the most powerful and affordable solution on the market.

Pimcore – An open source with one integrated platform to increase customer engagement and compelling experience.

PinaCart – A quick and simple solution that allows you to create as well as update a number of online stores.

PinnacleCart – Sell anything at anytime and anywhere, with cool features and unique charging system.

PhotoStore – Lets you create a website specially designed for photo selling, perfect for photographers.

phpCart – A simple PHP shopping cart software that offers exciting features and improvements.

phpSuperCart – A simple PHP shopping cart solution that offers a full-featured catalog and flexibility.

Plentymarkets – An all-in-one eCommerce solution that lets you automatically carry out all your online processes.

PrestaShop – Build a free online store easily and efficiently. This eCommerce solution provides everything you need from opening an account, operating as well as maintaining a successful online store.

Premium Web Cart – Offers sales automation that is especially made to simplify small business operations.

ProductCart – Taking eCommerce seriously for serious businesses.


QuickCart – A shopping cart software and store builder that can add a shopping system to any web site in an instant.


Ready! eCommerce – A free WordPress eCommerce shopping cart plugin.

RedShop – A Joomla eCommerce shopping cart plugin with extensive features and functionality.

RedTienda – A powerful Swedish-based eCommerce solution so you can create an online store that sells.

RBS Change – A CMS eCommerce open source solution.

RomanCart – Provides a shopping cart and Internet marketing system to help you sell more.


SecureNetShop – A website builder and an online shopping cart software that offers security and flexibility.

Selz – A free to use eCommerce solution to let you sell more and do what you love at the same time. Designed for bloggers or online entrepreneurs who wants to make a living by selling their work online.

SEO-Cart – A shopping cart solution that is already SEO friendly

Shopatron – Powers your entire eCommerce solution that even includes payment processing, website management/fraud management as well as customer support.

Shopper Press – A WordPress shopping cart plugin creating an SEO-friendly stores.

ShopFactory – A powerful yet user friendly eCommerce solution and shopping cart software that is compatible with all mobile devices.

Shopgo – Allows you to start selling without any credit card requirements and no obligations.

Shopify – Trusted by more than 100,000 businesses, allows you to sell your products everywhere.

Shopio – An all-in-one eCommerce solution that requires no risk nor credit cards with cool built-in features.

Shopizer – Create an outstanding online store using a free open source eCommerce software.

ShopMania Biz – Aims to help you create an optimized online store for free.

Shopp – A WordPress eCommerce plugin and powerhouse shopping cart that is infinitely flexible.

Shopping Cart Elite – Provides and automated marketing and eCommerce solution to eCommerce businesses.

ShoppingQ – eCommerce solution with customisable templates and storefront creation for store owners, developers and web hosts.

ShopSite – An easy to use eCommerce cart software for small to medium-sized businesses that has intuitive interface and rich features.

ShopScript – An eCommerce framework that integrates payment gateways and shipping carriers, which also has rich features to help you increase sales.

Shoptab – Provides an option for you to bring your storefront products into your Facebook page.

ShopSmith – A PHP cart software that is designed to drive traffic, boost sales and conversion.

ShopVisible – Believes that commerce is evolving. An end-to-end SaaS eCommerce platform designed for B2C and B2B sellers.

Shopware – A flexible and powerful eCommerce software that provides advanced technolofies, innovations and comprehensive services.

SimpleCart – An open source solution using javascript shopping cart that can be used to be integrated with your current website.

SmartStore – An open source software that includes all important features to create a multilingual and multi-currency stores and aims to deliver amazing and configurable shops online.

Softslate – A powerful and customisable eCommerce solution using open-source Java platform.

SpreeCommerce – Features a fully-featured storefront platform.

Square – A free eCommerce shopping cart that lets you set up your online store in minutes.

Squarespace – Aims to provide better websites for everyone. With complete features to build an online store.

SquirrelCart – A PHP eCommerce cart that is feature-rich and customisable for both expects and novices.

Storenvy – Creates beautiful store for you that is unlike any other through a fast, easy and customisable eCommerce solution.

SummerCart – A PHP eCommerce solution to help you create unique and successful online stores.

SunShop – A search engine friendly eCommerce cart that provides an easy store setup and administration.

Supadupa.me – Creates a simple but sophisticated, customisable and creative store.

SureDone – An effortless multi-channel tool that can be used for selling on Amazon and eBay.

Sylius – Provides commercial-related services for your Symfony2 eCommerce.


Teacommerce – The ultimate eCommerce solution for Umbraco that promotes simplicity.

TheCartPress – A professionally designed WordPress eCommerce plugin.

Tictail – Handles everything from setting up the shop to keeping track of orders.

TomatoCart – The first open source shopping cart solution that is designed with innovative ideas and promote great user experience.

Tribulant WordPress eCommerce Plugin – This allows you to easily integrate an online store with a fully functional eCommerce cart into your WordPress site.


Ubercart – Fully integrates your store with Drupal that uses an open source eCommerce shopping cart system.

uCoz – A free web hosting that has its own content management system.

UltraCart – Secure and safe eCommerce solution while offering access to any feature regardless of payment plans.


Venda – A provider for convergent commerce that helps not only in selling, but also in merchandising, mobilising, socialising and delivering products.

Vendio – Aims to grow your online store through multi-channel eCommerce.

ViArt – Offers a shopping cart with a HelpDesk and CMS feature for small and medium sized businesses.

VirtueMart – A free feature-rich eCommerce solution for everybody.

VP-ASP – Offers both open source shopping cart for technically experienced store owners and all-in-one hosted eCommerce solution for store owners who wants to run the online store with minimum fuss.

Volusion – Provides eCommerce solutions with web design as well as inbound marketing services that would help online businesses to be successful. It is reach in built-in features and integrations with various apps.


Wazala – Creates simple and beautiful online stores in minutes. It has social promotion tools and direct integration to social media sites.

WebShaper – A Malaysian-based eCommerce solution that is easy to use and SEO-friendly.

Web.com – Provides free premium designs with powerful marketing tools and secure shopping cart/shipping options.

WHMCS – Offers a complete automated eCommerce solution for Web hosts.

Wix – Aims to help you create the online store of your dream in just minutes.

Woocommerce – Lets you sell anything beautifully.

WP e-Commerce – A free eCommerce plugin from WordPress that is powerful enough to empower you to sell quickly and easily online.


Xanario – Provides everything you need to have a successful eCommerce store.

X-Cart – An eCommerce platform that uses PHP with an easy to use, maintain and modify settings.

Xpose – An eCommerce solution that lets you expose your photos through a gallery feature.

xt:Commerce – Lets you sell better by providing a shop software, ERP, plugins and templates that you can use to tweak your store.


Yahoo Store – Makes eCommerce easier than ever for everyone.

Yovigo – An eCommerce platform that focuses on social connections.


ZenCart – Aims to put your dream business into reality.

Zepo – Aims to help you reach more customers and boost your sales through selling on your own website.

ZeusCart – An open source shopping cart software that has a GPL license and PHP/MySQL based platform.

Znode Storefront – Aims to create relevant and personalized eCommerce website experiences.

Zoho – Offers exceptional online web applications to increase online productivity as well as sales.